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As summer comes to a close, it's time once again to continue our family tradition of apple picking. Chihuahua truly loves getting outside and spending a beautiful day with her family and her friend Honey.  Her most recent outing to Legend Hills Orchard where she helped pick Jonathan apples.  After her family collected a bushel of apples, everyone headed over to Ye Olde Mill to enjoy a picnic and some Velvet ice cream. Chihuahua got to tour the ice cream museum, feed some corn to a goat and sheep, and play on the playground equipment. Chihuahua had a blast!

Chihuahua in the apple orchard.
Chihuahua at the entrance of Ye Olde Mill.
Chihuahua in front of the mill.
Chihuahua and her friend, Honey, sitting at a table in the 1950's Luncheonette retro display in the ice cream museum.

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