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My kitchen just might be the hardest part of the house for me to keep organized simply because my husband has a tendency to try to be helpful and do dishes.  While I appreciate his efforts to help, this always leads to things not being put back where I want them.  Yes, I may have a bit of O.C.D.  I cannot stand for my kitchen to be in a disarray because when I'm cooking I want to be able to go right to what I need without having to search for it.  Then there are the kids who help themselves to snacks and again the cabinets look like a tornado attacked them.  Ok, maybe they're not that bad because I did just do a major reorganization project back in May before I started this blog, but it was enough to bother me. Today's mission, straighten up the cabinets. I spent about 5 minutes on each cabinet to straighten up the contents. Today I decided to share with you the mess that was and how I fixed it.



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    Hi, I'm Cindy and I'm on a mission.  As a mother of two in a less than thriving economy, I'm on a mission to get organized to make my life a little easier while also saving money. Join me on my journey to having an organized life.


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