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Today after my daughter's ballet class, I decided to take a trip to our OshKosh B'gosh store to see if they had a pair of sparkly pink shoes in stock.  I had received a $10 cash back certificate from a purchase I had made a few weeks ago and I wanted to use it before I forgot about it.

Unfortunately, the store didn't have the shoes in my daughter's size (plus she wasn't a fan of them in person), so we decided to wander around the store.  My daughter fell in love with this hot pink tunic.  Reluctantly, I pick it up and we continued to look around.  She has a lot of pink things and I was looking for something a little different, but as I said she was in love with this tunic (sigh).

My problem is, I've become quite the penny pincher these days so paying $26 for a shirt for my 7 year old to spill spaghetti sauce on it (cringe) is just too much.  Lucky for her, the table it was sitting on said the tunics were $12 on sale.  I love sales!  I love good quality clothes too and I've had a lot of good success with OshKosh products. We found her size and off she went in the dressing room to make sure it fit. 

After giving the mommy approval, we went to the register to check out.  Before all sales and discounts the total cost was $27.89.  I gave the girl my certificate so she could deduct the $10.  My final out-of-pocket cost was $2.14. 

My overall total savings was $25.75!   That's a 92.3% savings.


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