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They say enjoy your children while you can, but we all know that as adults life gets in the way.  We are overworked and stretched to our limits just to make ends meet while trying to survive in today's fast-paced modern life.  I'm just as guilty as many parents of failing to really sit down and spend time simply playing with my children.  Even though I may not work outside the home, I have more than enough to keep me busy managing our household.  Don't get me wrong, we do spend time with our children.  I guess I just think we need to change how we're doing things and make things count a little more.  We always eat dinner together.  No matter how busy we are, dinner is always shared together at the dining room table.

My latest mission is to find ways to increase our family time.  Yes, we take family vacations, visit the zoo, and sometimes splurge for a trip to the movies, but I'd like to see more time spent laughing and enjoying being a family.  We used to have family board game night with my son one to two times per week before my daughter was born, but once we had a demanding newborn who grew into an energetic toddler - well you get the picture.  Sitting down to play a board game became more challenging and over time it was phased out.  Now my daughter is 7 years old, can read above her grade level, and enjoys the interaction as a group. Over the last year, we've been moving towards having more family board game nights, but it just hasn't become part of our regular routine.  It really bothers me we don't spend more time playing games because we always have a great together and there's always lots of laughing. 

Family board game night is being reinstated.  Every Friday night, our family will gather at the dining room table for a round of Apples to Apples Jr, Headbandz, or whatever else we have stored away in our closet.  Spending time together is important and I value it.  My children will value it when they get older and look back on the fun memories we're making.  It's time to make time for that family night.

This mission is on-going so I'll keep you posted on it's success. 

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