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In today's fast-paced society, things get so hectic we often get so wrapped up in work and adult responsibilities that we forget to enjoy the simple things in life.  Other times, we think that creating family memories means spending money and let's face it, most of us are not Bill Gates with an endless influx of money that allow us the freedom to go wherever we want at any time.  We are real people with real lives that require us to pay bills and buy necessities before considering going on a fun trip with our family. 

Sometimes fun is delivered right to your door and maybe you've been too busy that you overlooked it - or maybe not because let's face it sometimes fun comes in ways that also equal work.  That's what happened for us over the last week.  Not once, twice, but three times the heavens from above decided to grace our state with a beautiful blanket of snow. We didn't receive as much as other parts of the country, but there was definitely more than a dusting and plenty to have some fun with the kids.

During the winter, we often find ourselves cooped up in the house trying to stay warm and maybe driving each other bonkers.  I am not much for cold weather as I would prefer to snuggle up in a warm blanket with some hot cocoa and just stay put.  My daughter had other plans in mind.  She wanted to go outside and play in the snow.  How could I resist her big blue eyes with her mile long eyelashes batting at me with that sad little look saying "PLEASE MOMMY".  Thinking back, I remember my dad would NEVER let us play in the snow - he said we'd get sick.  So as a child, all I remember is that I stayed inside looking out at the snow.  That is not the memory I want for my children so I reluctantly agreed that we could go out and play in the snow.   

After digging around in the closet for my daughter's old pair of snow pants to see if they would still fit her (and thankfully they did), we suited her up in all the winter gear she would need to have some fun outside. My daughter's first mission was to roll around on the ground and make a few Snow Angels.  We decided it was a perfect day to make a Snowman.  We had plenty of snow to work with; however, we were a little disappointed to discover that the super cold air had made the snow like powder and it wouldn't pack very well.  A little light fluffy snow wasn't enough to deter me from making fun memories for my daughter.  I'm pretty stubborn like that.  So I worked and worked to try to make that snow pack and with some effort, we were able to roll a few small snowballs. 

My husband decided at one point to join us.  He had misplaced his gloves so his ability to help was limited.  My daughter and I were packing snow around the seams of the snowman's body when he had another idea.  Let's build a snow fort.  My daughter was completely on board with this idea because that means snowball fight! 

So off my husband went to get the shovel and he began to mound and pat the snow he had cleared from the driveway.  Before long there were two snow forts, one on each side of the driveway.  The fun was limited as the snow still wasn't suited for making snowballs; however, we gave it the old college try and still managed to throw some snow around.  We even managed to get my teenage son outside to join in on some family fun.  There was lots of laughing and fun going on in the front yard that afternoon.  It must have looked like we were having a blast because as some cars would go creeping slowly down the ice path that is our road, I noticed they would look over our way and smile.  Yes, we were having fun and it showed.

Fun doesn't always equal spending money.  There are ways to help create fun memories with your family without breaking the bank.  Sometimes it's just fun to step away from your responsibilities as an adult and outside your comfort zones to act like a big kid yourself.  Your children will love that you're being silly with them and you're sure to have some fun!  What are some inexpensive or no-cost ways you have found to have fun with your family? 

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